Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet my CyberTwin

I remember a computer program on my Apple II in the eighties called ELIZA. She was an artificial intelligence simulator that you could converse with. Click here to revisit this old program.

Well, now you can create a version of yourself...

Busy, unavailable or just relaxing - then let your CyberTwin do the work for you! A CyberTwin is an artificial intelligence character that functions on your behalf. You can train your CyberTwin to be just like you and represent you online.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SuperClubsPLUS Update

At the beginning of August, I wrote a post about signing my class up for SuperClubsPLUS. After the initial success with my own class, I now have all of our five 3/4 classes signed up and the response from the students has been overwhelming. This initiative has been an amazing success and I cannot recommend it enough! There is so much to offer to students, both in learning about web 2.0 technologies and general ICT skills. Here is an article I have written for the next ICTEV journal:

SuperClubsPLUS -

Here are some videos about SuperClubsPLUS:

ABC News coverage of SuperClubsPLUS Australia from Martyn Wild on Vimeo.

Super Cool SuperClubsPLUS! from Martyn Wild on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wireless Electricity

As a technology enthusiast I realise the need for electricity and access to it. I have many cables running under my desk and an array of power boards, just about any new gadget requires electricity either to run it or charge it - and a cable and powerpoint as well! As an educator, I see huge tangled messes of cables in all classrooms that have computers.
I love having a wireless mouse and keyboard, but have often thought wouldn't it be great to have wireless electricity. I once told someone and they said it was impossible. Check this out...