Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My (current) favourite gadget - Part 1

I am absolutely loving my wireless laptop modem.

As a Victorian State School teacher, a lot of websites are blocked by our education department. I do not necessarily disagree with that, however it is useful to be able to show clips from Youtube and using Google images (both one of many blocked sites). Having a wireless modem for my laptop has been fantastic, as I can access anything on the Internet that would normally be blocked. We are doing a unit that has an animation aspect to it this term and was able to show some of the amazing animations from Aniboom, a website that is blocked by the department.

Also, I have been very impressed with the speed. I normally use ADSL at home and thought wireless would be a lot less slower, however I hardly notice the difference. A good indication of speed is watching a video at a video sharing site (see list of links in right hand column).

Note: Altough the image is of an Optus modem (which I use), I do not promote any particular ISP it is just I have all my other connections with the one company - and thus a better deal.

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