Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was fortunate to be contacted from the business development team at Docstoc.com. They offer a 'complete blogger's toolkit' and here is a brief of their tools:

"Tool #1:  The first of these is the Docstoc Embed, which has been used by HuffPo, NYTimes and Atlantic Monthly to name a few. 

Tool #2: Our newest tool is called Docshots and it turns any document link into a hoverable link that enables a feature-rich pop-up window.  It is great for incorporating documents of any kind into a post without consuming site real estate. 

Tool #3: Finally, we are also thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Lizzer, a great new bookmarklet that makes it easy to insert links and embed a variety of content (i.e. Docstoc Documents) into your blog posts or web-based email.  Lizzer also lets you use your Docstoc account login information to easily access and embed all of your saved Docstoc Documents wherever you are on the web."

As an example, here is a 15 page booklet I wrote a couple of years back for students to create digital portfolios using PowerPoint - still quite useful!
Digital Portfolios -

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